I’m David Adamson, a second generation jeweler whose father, Jimmy Adamson was a master watchmaker and jeweler. He worked at a time when we didn’t have high tech gadgetry and if you needed a custom item you just had to make it by hand. I started at a very young age accompanying my father to work (getting into mischief and into all his way cool tools) where I developed a love for watches and jewelry. My father was a very intelligent, kind and patient man (he had to be with me) and he took the time to teach and explain every aspect of how things worked and why.

As I became a teenager I started to help my father (at left) at our family store “Jim’s Jewelry” in Pomona California. Thanks to my father's training I became very proficient at a very young age and my father encouraged me to take up an apprenticeship with a very good friend of his Jay Harold a great old time jeweler that made me do all the hard stuff by hand. At the time I really hated doing all this manual labor but Jay would tell me that some day I would thank him for teaching me to make jewelry by hand.

Five and a half years later and with the expertise learned from my father and Mr. Harold, I went out on my own as a master jeweler; and yes I do thank Jay, for now I could make anything. After two robberies at my store in the Upland California area, I thought it best to move my family to a more peaceful place. We found Lynn Haven much by accident and fell in love with the people and the area and the rest is history. Twenty five years later here I am still doing what I do best and where I love to be.